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   The Story: Friends really can drop out of the sky

On a summer day in 1999, Andrew King and Frank Pavliga were flying their antique airplanes over the vast farmland of eastern Indiana. They were coming home from an airshow in small, vintage, single-engine planes, the type used by their heroes, the barnstormers. In the 1920s and 1930s, gypsy “barnstorming” pilots would simply put down in a field, advertise the chance to fly, and watch the customers line up. The barnstormers’ simple planes were nothing short of miracles to the farmers, townspeople and children who were lucky enough to experience the thrill of flying for the first time.

The Reddit Family Explains Corvair College

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  The Story: Three Generations find a common bond

Every November a special event takes place for enthusiasts of the Corvair engine conversion for experimental aviation.  Follow the story of those in attendance and the special story of the Grandfather, Father, and son team and listen to their explanation of how experimental aviation brought them together.  If this short film from EAA's Brady Lane does not move you, heaven only knows what will. Don't miss the last minute!

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